Stop the Drop Campaign, illustrations for Bill Bryson

As you know (assuming you've read other bits of my website) I enjoy the countryside and our heritage. I hate litter! and Fly tipping! and the ill considered actions of others in just chucking stuff on the floor.

Imagine now, my delight at being asked to provide the illustrations directly for Bill Bryson's personal newsletter for the "Stop the Drop" campaign. Every couple of months Bill Bryson sends a newsletter to all the campaign supporters (of which I am one!).

In April the newsletter was about a "Tow Path Tidy", a clear up completed in conjunction with British Waterways.

Bill writes, "...The event ensured that over 220 miles of waterways were litterpicked, with some extraordinary items being found, including an ice axe, a fridge full of food and a full-size aeroplane propeller - begging the question 'where’s the rest of the plane??' "

Why don't you join CPRE and help Stop the Drop too ?

Bill Bryson's July newsletter, amoung other things was questioning why cigarette smokers often don't regard dog-ends as litter - when clearly they are...

Ship Fans by Flakt Woods

A ship entering service in the Navy had many of its fans supplied by Flakt Woods. The demanding country authorities required very extensive Operation and Maintenance Manuals for each piece of kit on the ship.
Each fan required a binder at least 25-35mm thick. Multiply that by the number of individual fans and other pieces of equipment means a pretty extensive library at the other end… Tonnes of paper work!

[This work was just for fun, July 2007]

Health and Safety Introduction

Cartoons are far more memorable and make a bigger impact than words on their own.

The rules in this factory require that visitors stay on the green walkways.

Why not have some memorable H&S notices for your staff?!

[This work was supplied to Flakt Woods Ltd in November 2006]

Bird Watching!

Every birder will appreciate the irony of hearing some exotic bird - and then not actually being able to find it!

This frequently happens to me ('cos I'm not really very good at it)...but it did inspire an amusing cartoon.

[This work was shared with other Birders in 2005]

Rained on Rideouts

I think every biker has this sometimes…

It was my birthday, and I had a scrummy breakfast - donned my gear and promptly got rained on…

(cool Y-fronts, don't you think?)

[This work was supplied to Commuter Motorcycle Club - an online forum for bikers]

Bird Watching gets difficult!

Near where I live is Abberton Reservoir - well known among birders and twitchers for attracting some unusual and rare species. I've seen African Spoonbill, Great Northern Divers, and other rare breeds.

Trouble is there's a lot of inbreeding, especially among Mallard and Pin Tails, resulting in some "rare" birds... That aren't really!

Ever wondered what the birds think about the watchers?!!

Embarrassment at the Petrol Pump

Car drivers (and filling station owners) hate bikers that cause queues, fiddling around with balaclava, neck warmers, under-gloves, gloves, over-mitts, and fiddling around for the key with cold hands.

BUT...bikers are human and do feel under pressure to clear the way.

And! If we weren't made to remove our helmets we wouldn't take so blame the owners then. Okay!?

[This work was supplied to PBE Magazines for publication in January 2007]

Sharing Knowledge

It's important for a business to have more than one person to do a job. What happens when someone is off sick or on leave??

In the recent training presentation I was asked for an illustration to emphasise the transfer of knowledge to other members of the work force.

Okay, so this machine still needs to be invented (well I've done the hard bit of inventing it..someone's just got to make it work now). But you get the idea!

[This work was supplied to a large manufacturing company for Management Training

Accidents when riding Abroad

Neil Johns, a solicitor specialising in motorcycles often writes articles for the BMF (British Motocycle Federation) Magazine - "Motorcycle Rider".

The key phrase below was adapted and added into this illustration, added to the article…

[This work was supplied to BMF Motorcycle Rider Magazine in Jan 2007]

Ergonomics and Motorbikes

Dr Alex Stedmon, is a lecturer at the Nottingham University. He is conducting research into ergonomics associated with biking

He wrote an article for "Motorcycle rider" magazine - this was an illustration I supplied to emphasise one part of his article.

[This work was supplied to BMF Motorcycle Rider Magazine in Jan 2007]

    It's all downhill from here!!